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Spellbinders’ The Painter’s Garden featuring Pansy

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Hello card making friends! I have another card from Spellbinders' The Painter's Garden Collection featuring Pansy. This is a beautiful die set and I loved putting together this colourful flower arrangement.

A pansy is made up of five petals; two lateral, two posterior and one anterior. It is easiest for me to reference the petals by name so there is no confusion about what we are working on.

This labelled flower was used from

The Pansy die set consists of three dies. Each die indicates how many times it should be cut. The die that has two petals cuts has the lateral (two petals joined) and the anterior petals. The stand alone petal, posterior, should be cut twice. The final die consists of the calyx, found at the base of the flower, and two leaves.

After cutting all of the pansy petals and leaves, the die cuts were Copic coloured:

Blue Flower - B39,04

Pink Flower - RV69, 59, 55

Violet Red Flower - RV99, 66

Yellow Flower - Y17, 13, B39

The posterior petals were coloured with the darkest tone. The rest of the petals were coloured with the lightest and mid tone. These three petals have the painted face found on many pansies. The darkest tone used on the posterior petal was 'flicked' on from the base part way up the petal. The leaves were coloured with YG67 and 23 and the calyx with YG67. All of the petals and leaves were coloured with the light tone on the back except the posterior petals which were coloured with the dark tone.

  • The sentiment from Elegant Occasion Sentiments Glorious Hot Foil Classic Plates was glimmer foiled on black card stock with Aura Glimmer Hot Foil . The sentiment and black foam were cut with the coordinating die.

  • The pansies and leaves were arranged on one side of the oval. After most of the flowers and leaves were adhered, the sentiment was nestled in before completing the arrangement.

  • The card was embellished with gold foil half pearls.


If you have difficulty viewing this video, click HERE.


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