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Spellbinder’s Large Die of the Month for March

Hello everyone! Spellbinder's Large Die of the Month, Spring Reflection, is a gorgeous die set. Whether you choose to create a birthday decor item as I did or create a birthday card (or both!), you are going to love it!

  • The stand was created first by die cutting one background, the sides and two of step inserts.

  • The background was embossed with Stylized Trellis Embossing Folder.

  • The two die cuts that create the steps were first creased on the score lines. On either side of the die cut are perforated lines. The middle section that corresponds to the centre of the scored steps was trimmed off on both sides of each die cut .

  • The two dies for Happy Birthday were die cut from pale pink card stock.

  • The two step die cuts were then adhered together slipping the birthday sentiment in between them; the riser of one of the steps was adhered to the bottom of the second one lining up the exposed step edge.

  • The sections of the perforated flaps were creased. Liquid adhesive was applied to each of the flaps. Starting with one of the side panel die cuts, the wider bottom step was lined up to the front of the side piece. Once this section was aligned, the remainder of steps are then pressed onto the side die cut. Repeat with the other side.

  • The Happy sentiment was attached to the top riser.

  • For additional stability, two large sized foam squares were stacked and adhered to the riser of the top step.

  • The backing paper was removed from the foam square and the bottom of the embossed background was aligned to the bottom of the step and adhered to the foam. The perforated side flaps on the side die cuts were creased and adhesive applied to the outside of each flap and attached to the inside of the background die cut.

  • The tree was cut from ivory card stock and the flowers from a combination of light and mid pink card stock. The leaves were cut from the same green card stock used for the stand and pale yellow was used for the flower centres.

  • The tree die cut makes it obvious where the flowers and leaves are to be positioned.

  • The riser of the top step was released from the stacked foam square and the base of the tree trunk with a dot of liquid adhesive on both side was slipped in between the foam and the riser and pressed into place.

  • Additional flower/leaf arrangements were adhered to the risers of the steps.


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