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Mass Producing Christmas Cards with Spellbinder’s BetterPress Plate of the Month for October

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Hello friends! Spellbinder's BetterPress of the Month, Continued Joy , is perfect for mass producing Christmas cards. I have letterpressed this gorgeous image on panels water coloured with powder pigments. The only 'wait' time is letting the backgrounds dry before letterpressing. When doing up a project like this, I do up my backgrounds just before bed time and then I am good to go the next morning! Quick and easy!

The October "New Subscriber" registration window will be available October 6 - 27th while supplies last. 

  • Porcelain BetterPress A2 Cotton Card Panels are perfect for watercolour backgrounds. To help the panel lie flat and also dry with minimal warping, both the front and back are coated with water.

  • There are lots of different brands of pigment powders. For this set of cards, I worked with a set called Victorian Bouquet Lindy's Magicals. The powder is sprinkled on as evenly as possible onto the wet panel and additional water is sprayed on to get some movement of the colour. I tip the panel side to side on paper towel to drain off the excess water and apply heat for a couple of minutes to hold the effect before setting it aside to dry naturally.

  • When completely dry the panels were letterpressed using the BetterPress Letterpress System. The platen (clear plate) from the BetterPress Letterpress System has registration marks for two sizes of panels. The water coloured panel was aligned to the A2 guide marks and held in place with low tack tape.

  • The Continued Joy plate was centred within the A2 guidelines on the magnetic base. The plates were inked with BetterPress black ink and the system fed through the die cutter.

  • The image was also transferred to masking paper and fussy cut. The trees were masked and the panel spattered with Dr. PH Martin's BleedProof White that was watered down slightly.


CLICK HERE for a video tutorial. You will be redirected to YouTube.


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