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Spellbinder’s Wax Seal of the Month for November

Hello everyone! Typically I have been using the wax seals I make to embellish card fronts. For a change, I thought I would use them as they are intended ... to seal an envelope! I have a few cards to pop in the mail so this was a perfect opportunity! The Wax Seal of the Month , Bloomy For You, coordinates perfectly with the cards I selected. To see how the cards were created, visit my post Spellbinder's Kaleidoscope Arch Collection.

The November "New Subscriber" registration window will be available November 6 - 27th while supplies last. 

  • I began by stamping the seals. Wax colours were selected to coordinate with the envelopes and the cards they were paired with ... ivory, soft pink and fuschia.

  • The wax seals were stamped using the Wax Seal of the Month stamp and the Wax Seal Starter Kit. For a video tutorial on stamping seals, visit September's Wax Seal of the Month ... CLICK HERE. You will be directed to YouTube.

  • The script was highlighted with either a white or pink fine tip felt pen.

  • To create the decorative element for the seal to sit on, black card stock was cut twice using the frame die included in the Stitched Kaleidoscopic Arch Die Set.

  • The shape of the ovals in the Essential Stylish Ovals works well with the shape of this frame. The 7th smallest die was used to cut gold glitter card stock.

  • Each envelope requires two frames; one is modified slightly.

  • Adhere the gold glitter oval to one the two frames. Using a paper cutter, trim off the excess oval and keep it for the other frame.

  • Trim the second frame along the etched line. This cut will leave all the scalloped die cut details intact. Adhere the leftover piece of the glitter oval to the frame. Flip it over to the back side so the line at the bottom of the frame can be seen. Again, use a paper cutter to trim off the excess of the oval die cut.

  • The unmodified frame is adhered to the main part of the envelope so the start of the edging will line up to the envelope's flap. The trimmed frame is adhered to the flap aligning it to the other frame.

  • My seals are not adhered completely as the card is yet to be inserted! I like to use Wax Seal Adhesive Circles. The adhesive is strong and will ensure the card goes through the mail with the seal still attached when it arrives at its destination!


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