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Watercolouring with Spellbinder’s Snow Birds Friends

Hello everyone! Spellbinder's Snow Birds Friends from the Cool FransFormer Collection is so much fun! These sweet snow birds can be shaped to your desired look! Yup! The stamps are flexible so their bodies can be shaped any way you like it! Hats, legs and face options make each stamping unique. The Cool FransFormer Collection really is COOL!

  • The images were stamped with black Versafine ink onto Canson XL watercolour paper.

  • I was going to paint just the background with Gansi Tambi watercolours because of the intense tones but ended up using the same paints for everything! I started by adding a few drops of water to the colours I would be working with to soften them up.

  • To paint the background, it was first brushed liberally with water. I take care not to get water on the images ... except the snow flakes .... to avoid the background colour travelling into these areas.

  • White was first dropped onto the snow flake images and then starting on the perimeter of the panel, I added in dark blue and changed over to a lighter blue working towards the images.

  • When the panel was just about dry, white paint was pounced on with a paintbrush around the snowflakes and the head of the bird. The panel was set aside to dry completely. It is important when using this technique to let the area just painted dry completely before moving onto adjacent areas to prevent the colour from bleeding.

  • The smaller images, branch, feet, ornament and the trim of the hat, were painted adding the colour to the areas dry.

  • The panel was spattered with Dr. PH Martin's Bleedproof White, slightly watered down, using a fan brush. The sentiment was masked with Post It Note Tape first.

  • The top of the branch was finished of with Nuvo Stone Drops Chalk White. This is a great way to create snow. While drying, this medium becomes matte and develops texture.


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