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Stencilling with Texture Paste featuring Spellbinder’s Layered Noel Foliage

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Hello, card making friends! Spellbinder's Layered Noel Foliage Stencils & Die Bundle is absolutely gorgeous! This six piece stencilling set with its sentiment outline die is easy to use. I love using texture paste with stencils ... the added texture and dimension are fabulous but being able to stencil on a dark background can ramp up the drama factor!

  • All the stencils in Layered Noel Foliage Stencils & Die Bundle are etched in the lower left hand corner with the numbers one through six indicating the order they should be used in. The numbers are small so I renumber them with a Sharpie so I can easily see them!

  • Stencil 1 was centred on black card stock; larger than A2 size. There are registration marks on each corner that I stencilled with a gel pen. These marks will be used to line up the remaining stencils.

  • When stencilling with texture paste there are a couple of important pieces of information. After applying the paste, the stencil will need to be rinsed off immediately. I clean it first with a baby wipe and then rinse it with warm water. Some pastes will leave a thin layer of residue. A non-abrasive pad (I use Scotch Brite) will easily remove this haze.

  • Dimension will be created when stencilling with texture paste making it a little tricky applying subsequent layers. When a stencil is lined up with the registration marks, I worked one corner at a time using my free hand to press the stencil down to the card stock when applying the texture paste.

  • Drying time will be required between the layers. The paste I am using takes about 20 minutes.

  • Three texture pastes were used for this card. For Layer 1, I used Wandering Gypsy, Cherry Blossom for Layer 2 and Sea Urchin for Layer 3.

  • Stencil 4 includes the sentiment and foliage details Because I stencilled the sentiment on a separate piece of card stock, I applied Wandering Gypsy to the foliage. I did not use the sentiment from this stencil.

  • Stencil 6, the sentiment highlight, was stencilled with Cherry Blossom on a separate piece of black card stock.

  • When the sentiment was completely dry, it, and black sheet foam, were cut with the sentiment outline die and stacked. As a precaution, I let this one dry for quite awhile before running it through the die cutter.

  • The panel was trimmed to 3 3/4" by 5" and adhered to a soft pink matted, black card base.

  • The foam backed sentiment was adhered to the card front.

  • Iridescent purple pearls were used to embellish the card.


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