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Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Hello, everyone! Are you familiar with Spellbinders' 3D Vignette Collection? If you love dimensional cards that are mail friendly, check out this collection! Pet House is an adorable die set to create a sweet card for anyone who has a beloved furry member of their family! In fact, this cute Pet House would also make a beautiful birdhouse for a lovely all occasion card or for our feather-loving friends!

All of the work in this cute card is in the die cutting:

  • Large House Outline Die - cut 5 grey houses

  • Small House Outline _ cut 2 pink houses, on one of the houses cut the sentiment

  • Detail Filigree with Small House Outline - cut gold foil card stock

  • Detail Filigree - cut four of the grey houses

  • Door - cut the gold filigree house and 3 of the grey houses

  • Roof Line - cut 2 dark pink and 4 grey

  • Roof Line Scalloped Decoration - cut 4 gold foil

  • Paw Print Outline - cut 2 gold foil

  • Paw Print Outline and Detail - cut 2 pink

  • Bone Outline - cut grey

  • Bone Outline and Detail - cut pink

  • Dog - black

  • Collar - gold foil

3D Mechanism

  • Outline and Detail for Side Piece - cut 2 grey

  • Spacer Bar - cut 1 grey

  • Spacer Circles - cut 2 sets grey

  • Adhere the small pink houses to either side of the solid grey large house. The side with the sentiment will be the back of the card.

  • Adhere the gold filigree to one the the filigree grey houses with door cut.

  • Adhere the roof lines to the houses. The pink roof lines will be attached to the house with the gold filigree. On the house with the pink layers, attach the pink one on the side with the sentiment and a grey roofline on the other side.

  • Attach the three grey filigree houses to one of the side pieces. The house with the door uncut will be at the back of the house.

  • Cut the hooks off the houses with the gold foil filigree and pink house layers.

  • Crease either end of the side piece on the score lines and attach the two remaining houses on these tabs making sure the bottom of all five houses are aligned. The house with the pink layers will be attached behind the house with the door not cut.

  • Attach the three houses in the middle to the second side piece.

  • Crease the score lines on either end of the side piece and adhere the front and back house to the these tabs.

  • Adhere the gold collar to the dog and then attach the dog to the second last house in the vignette.

  • Adhere the scalloped decorative edging to the roof edges on the front and back of the card.

  • Adhere the pink bone on the grey one. The bone is attached about the doorway.

  • Adhere the pink paw prints on the gold foil die cut. The two paw prints are adhered to the peak of the roofs on the front and back of the card.


If you have difficulty viewing this video, click HERE.


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