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Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Hello everyone! If you are a fan of dimension on your cards like me, you are going to fall in love with Spellbinders' 3D Vignette Hot Air Balloon. This card may look a bit complicated but, believe me, it is easily put together. AND it collapses FLAT to slip into a envelope! MAIL FRIENDLY! Now it just doesn't get any better than that! I would love it if a hot air balloon card sailed into my mailbox!

I have to tell you a little story. Before we were dating, my husband got tickets for us to go on an early summer evening hot air balloon ride unbeknownst to me. He asked me out for the first date and I said ....NO! Months later when I finally gave in to his persistence, he told me about the plans for that first date! The tickets were unused! I felt terrible! A few years after we were married, I suggested we should take that balloon ride. His response .... you had your chance!!!

  • Twelve clouds were die cut from light blue card stock and the profile highlighted with Nuvo Glitter Drops White Blizzard.

  • The outline die was used to cut six navy card stock balloons. This die in conjunction with the detail die was used to cut both teal and blue card stock.

  • The two frames from the detail die cuts were adhered to the navy balloons. Just the centre detail die cut was adhered interchanging the colours between the balloons.

  • On one of the balloons, the two negative sentiment dies were cut. This balloon was adhered to another navy balloon.

  • The stand was constructed with five cross pieces and two side pieces. The hooks on three of the cross pieces were inserted into the slots of one side piece.

  • The hooks on the last two cross pieces were trimmed off. The front and back cross pieces were adhered to the end tabs on the side piece. The three cross pieces were then hooked on the second side piece. The front and back cross pieces were adhered to the tabs on either end of the side piece.

  • The cable ties for the two outside balloons were cut from gold glitter card stock. The rest were cut from navy.

  • All the baskets were cut from navy card stock. For the two balloon on either end, a gold glitter trim die cut was added.

  • First all the cable ties and then the baskets were adhered to the balloons. The balloons were lined up when adding the die cuts to ensure everything would be aligned.

  • The five balloons were adhered to the stand, again, ensuring the balloons lined up with one another.

  • The connector bar die cut was fed through the slots on all five balloons and the circle die cuts (spacers) were adhered on either side of the connector bar by lining up the tiny die cut holes between each of the balloons.

  • The decorative balloon embellishments were cut from gold glitter card stock. Just a top and bottom one were adhered to the ballon with the sentiments. A decorative band die cut was adhered on both balloons.

  • The tassels were cut from both blue and teal card stock and adhered to the two outside balloons.

  • The clouds were adhered to the stand; three to the outer cross pieces and two each for the threes interior ones.

  • The card was embellished with Nuvo Crystal Drops Caribbean Ocean.


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