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Spellbinder’s Sealed For Christmas Collection

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Hello everyone! I have three card examples featuring a number of new products from Spellbinder's gorgeous Sealed For Christmas Collection! My cards feature foiled backgrounds using Glimmer Monoline Stars with Sealed Christmas Sprigs finished off with wax seals, Pine Cone Spray and Holiday Wax Seals 3 Pack.

  • The card with the pink background and gold design was foiled using Glimmer Monoline Stars Hot Foil Plate. Not wanting to waste the foil with the design, reverse foiling was done on red and pink card stock (I did not make a card with the original foiled panel for the red stock ... yet!)

  • To reverse foil, a Solid Rectangle Foiling Plate was placed on the Hot Foil System. The shiny side of the foil with the negative design was positioned face down on the solid rectangle plate with the card stock placed on top. Because of the large surface area being foiled, in addition to the foil plate and shim, I used a sheet of copy paper folded in half to run it through the die cutting machine.

  • All three panels were trimmed to 4" by 5 1/4" and mounted on matted, A2 sized card bases.

  • Next I created the wax seals using the Wax Seal Starter Kit and Holiday Wax Seals 3 Pack and Pine Cone Spray Wax Seal. One of the seals is square and I trimmed it down to maintain that shape. For a video tutorial on wax seal stamping, CLICK HERE.

  • All of the pretty, long stemmed foliage and flowers were die cut using Sealed Christmas Sprigs. I tried to keep the palette restrained for each card coordinating the colours with the wax seal.

  • To arrange the sprigs, a large glue dot was placed on the lower potion of the card front. The leaves and flowers were arranged criss crossing the stems. The glue dot holds everything in place and makes the arrangement easy to do.

  • Some of the stems were trimmed depending on the placement in the floral spray.

  • Using white foam squares for the pink cards and black ones for the red card with the dark green foliage, the leaves and flowers were popped up.

  • The wax seal was adhered where the stems cross each other using a Wax Seal Adhesive Circles.

  • All of the cards were embellished with half pearls in a colour to compliment each cards' palette.


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