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Letterpressing Hot Foil Plates featuring Crafty Meraki’s Ombré Rainbow Glitter Paper

Hello friends! Crafty Meraki has released Ombré Rainbow Glitter Paper! Really I can't say enough about how incredibly beautiful the paper pack of 8 1/2" by 11" card stock is gorgeous! The glittery surface stays intact with no shiny bits and pieces all over the place. And the colour blends ... ooh la la! Amazing! I have paired this card stock with a recently released hot foil plate, Merakkech Mosaic. Instead of hot foiling, I have letterpressed the design onto the glitter card stock.

  • Three colour blends were selected from Sparkle Spectrum Rainbow Gradient Glitter Paper. Panels were cut to 4 1/4” by 5 1/2”.

  • The large die cut sentiments from Birthday Slimline Tag and Love Slimline Tag were also cut from the same corresponding gradients but reversed. Foam was also cut and the sentiments were stacked.

  • All of the glitter panels were letterpressed using BetterPress Letterpress System and adhered to A2 sized, top folding card bases.

For the card above, the panel was letterpressed with Full Size Black BetterPress Ink Pad. I inked and ran the BetterPress Letterpress System platform through the die cutter twice. Although it did not have a black result, the ink picked up the blue tones for a complementary effect with the gradient. The secondary sentiment was cut from navy card stock and foam and stacked. The large sentiment was embellished with iridescent purple half pearls.

The Marrakech Mosaic Hot Foil Plate was inked with Versamark for this card in preparation for embossing powder. Prior too pressing the plate, the glittery panel was treated with anti-static powder. The panel was coated with gold embossing powder. CARE IS NEEDED when melting the powder. The glitter card stock will warp a lot if high heat is directed too closely to the panel. My heat tool has a lower setting that I used for this panel that resulted in minimal warping. The secondary sentiment was cut from gold card stock and foam and stacked. The large sentiment was embellished with Meraki Sparkle Golden Illusion.

The final card was also embossed. I did melt the white embossing powder using the high heat setting but kept the nozzle of the heat at a good distance, about 8” or so, from the panel. The secondary sentiment is out of white card stock and foam backed. The large sentiment was embellished with white iridescent half pearls..


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