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It’s Time for Christmas Shopping featuring Spellbinders’ Shopping Bags

Hello everyone! Spellbinders’ Shopping Bags die set is the cutest ever!!! It comes with two different sizes of shopping bags and two sizes and styles of handles. With the Christmas season now within sight, I decided to make Christmas cards BUT this set is very versatile and can be used for many occasions.

For each bag, two die cuts will be required. I used a patterned paper pack to ensure the colours and designs would coordinate. For each shopping bag, two die cuts are required. The die cuts have clear score lines. For both die cuts, the 1st and 3rd score lines on the side of the bags are creased in the same direction. The middle score line will be creased in the opposite direction to create a 'Z' FOLD. A bone folder is used to create crisp folds but only from about a third of the way from the bottom to the top. The bottom of the side flap is scored in a triangle so the bag will taper. The bottom flap is creased. To assemble the bags, glue is applied to the back fold of each side panel and on the flap of one the bottom flaps. The side with the glue on the bottom is slid into the other side and all flaps are pressed into place. Choose the style of handle you want and the correct size to match the bag and it is complete! Just as quick as can be!

The bags were filled with goodies from Spellbinder's Shopping Cart Holiday & Presents. For one card the bags were filled with presents and a tree die cut from patterned paper and stacked on foam. The bows and the star on the tree were finished off with White Blizzard Nuvo Glitter Drops. For the other card, I simply used gold tissue paper. The bags were finished off with cute little tags tied on to the handles.

Patterned paper was trimmed to 4" by 5 1/4" and mounted on A2 sized card bases. For the card with gold accents, paper was added across the middle both vertically and horizontally and topped with a couple of stacked bow die cuts to mimic a present. The centre of the bow was embellished with a glitter crystal.

The sentiment die cut was borrowed from Spellbinders' Silent Night Make a Scene; one cut from matte gold, the other from kraft. They were stacked on foam die cuts. Both cards were embellished. Red sequins topped with Nuvo Crystal Drops Morning Dew on one and gold glitter crystals on the other.

I am sharing a link for card boxes if you are interested in having something ready made for packaging dimensional cards that will not fit in a regular envelope. My friend sourced this one out but I am sure there are others!


If you have difficulty viewing this video, click HERE.


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