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Creating A Paper-Pieced, Gradient featuring Studio Katia’s Halftone Dots Cover Die

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Hello, everyone! Dots, dots and more dots! I am working with Studio Katia's Halftone Dots Cover Die to create two birthday cards! One card has a decidedly more feminine feel and the other is suitable as a masculine card. This project comes together fairly quickly ... which kind of surprised me! The sheet adhesive is the key! As the paper piecing progressed, it was fun to see the gradient develop.

  • Glitter card stock was cut with the Halftone Dots Cover Die and all the circle die cuts discarded.

  • An A2 sized top folding card base was prepared with sheet adhesive. I used Tear-rific Adhesive Sheets. It was cut the same size as the card base; 4 1/4" by 5 1/2". This adhesive is easy to apply. Remove the backing paper on one side, align it to the card stock and remove the other piece of backing paper.

  • The glitter panel was aligned to the card base.

  • Four colours of card stock were selected four each card that progressed from lightest to darkest in a colour family. For the soft pink glitter card, I chose beige tones and for the other card, muted greens. The darkest dots will be on the outer edges working towards the middle with the lighter shades.

  • There are lots of dots to die cut and after making a second card, I found this to be the easiest method. I started with the darkest card stock and die cut it. The two outside lines of dots on either side of the panel were removed and the remainder of the dots discarded. The two sizes were sorted and using a jewel picker, the dots were inlaid.

  • I continued in this manner working with each of the colours of card stock. For the final and lightest one, there will be three lines in the centre of the panel. This goes surprisingly fast because of the exposed sheet adhesive in the die cut openings of the glitter panel.

  • The sentiment from Mini Sentiment Greetings was stamped with Versamark ink on each of the colours of card stock used for the dot inlay work on each card. The sentiments were embossed in gold.

  • The sentiments were cut into strips and mounted on foam.

  • To align the four sentiment strips onto the card front, the inlaid dots are very helpful!


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