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Watercolouring with Alex Syberia Design’s Lotus White

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

Hello everyone! The lotus flower symbolizes purity and enlightenment. Alex Syberia Design has captured the essence of the simplistic beauty in Lotus White. After I printed a 5” by 7” image on Carson XL water colour paper, I took some time to consider how I should approach this delicate beauty and decided on very pale colours using a 'wet on wet' technique. My intention was to focus on one of the flowers and trim the panel to an A2 sized card but I couldn’t do it! So here is my A7 sized card!

Working with Mission Gold watercolours, every other petal was painted, one at a time, and allowed to dry before painting the adjacent petals. A colour wash was applied to the petal. The brush was cleaned and most of the water tapped off on paper towel before pulling the watercolour from the tip of the petal down to its base. Two to three strokes are required depending on the petal. It is important to clean the brush, tapping off the excess water, between strokes. This technique will concentrate the colour at the base of the petal.

Keeping it simple, one colour was used for each lotus. Opera was used for one and Clear Violet for the other and the flower bud. A combination of Viridian and Van Dyke were used to paint the stems. Yellow Light with touches of Yellow Green complete the flower centres. After the flowers were completely dry, the background was painted liberally with clean water and a colour wash (paint thinned out with water) of Peacock Blue was dropped in. This technique creates some subtle variations of colour.

The panel was spattered using a #1 paintbrush with watered down gouache to create a fine speckling of white that has dimension. The panel was trimmed slightly to 4 3/4” by 6 3/4” and mounted on black card stock measuring 4 7/8” by 6 7/8”. The card base was 5“ by 7”. The sentiment, Simon Says Stamp’s Handlettered Happy Birthday was cut from both white card stock and white foam and stacked. The secondary sentiment was stamped with Black Onyx Versafine ink and clear embossed. The card was embellished with lots of clear confett topped with Nuvo Crystal Drops Morning Dew.


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LOTUS WHITE by Alex Syberia Design



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