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Spellbinder’s Monster Birthday Collection featuring Birthday Dinosaur

Hello crafty friends! So really, have you seen a dinosaur cuter than Spellbinder's BIRTHDAY DINOSAUR?! This gal decked out in a floral head wreath is absolutely adorable! I love her!

  • The dinosaur was cut from both plum card stock and black sheet foam. The lilac plates along the back were sandwiched between the card stock and foam. The back legs were adhered to the foam.

  • The white eye ball was inlaid and the eye detail adhered to it. The eye was finished off with the cute eyelashes.

  • The components for the head wreath were cut from teal and cream stock. The main die was also used to cut foam. The branches were adhered between the card stock and foam and the wreath was finished off with flowers. The foam backed wreath was mounted on the dinosaur's head.

  • The foam backed dinosaur was mounted on the oval background.

  • The head, back and tail of the dinosaur have etched dot details which were highlighted with Nuvo Crystal Drops Caribbean Ocean. The detail is very small so I applied the drops with a pin. This process is easier and quicker than it sounds!

  • The centres of the flowers and some additional detail were added in with ivory pearls.


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