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Simple Watercolour Glazing ... featuring Graciellie Design 'Family Love'

Updated: Jan 12

Welcome! I am so happy you had some time to stop by! Graciellie Design's new release 'Family Love' is just gorgeous! The floral images are supported with an abundance of sentiments to personalize your card for any of your loved ones! Irises ... sigh ... iconic spring blooms signaling the end of winter. When I saw these beauties in the digital stamp set, I was inspired to have a look in my garden. And yes, they are poking their way out of the ground! Yay!

I watercolored the image with Mijello Mission Gold using a glazing technique. Sounds technical, right? It isn't! Glazing is a simple process of layering diluted paint (washes) and allowing time to dry before the next application. I kept it real simple ... two layers. I started with Bright Clear Violet followed by a wash of Permanent Rose. Glazing is an easy watercolour technique that adds richness and depth to the translucency of a colour wash.

I painted the leaves in Sap Green and put in some simple shadows with the darker, Van Dyke Green while the paint was still stamp. Working 'wet on wet' (wet paint on wet paint) produces a blend between the two colours.

Lyra pencils, Pink Madder Lake and Violet, were used on the flowers to deepen the shadows and to define the petal edge creases.

The watercolour panel was mounted on sheet foam. I use lots of sheet foam as opposed to foam tape to give dimension to my cards. It helps warped watercolour paper lay flat. I find it is not only economical, it stands up well in the mail! I adhered the panel to olive green cardstock leaving an 1/8" border before attaching it to the 4 1/4" X 5 1/2" card base. I finished up with June Crystals from Studio Katia.

Products used in the video:

Graciellie Design, Family Love

Daler Rowney Watercolour Aquarelle 90lb

Kazan Gold Series watercolour brushes - Sizes 0 and 8

Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors - Bright Clear Violet, Permanent Rose, Sap Green, Van Dyke Green

Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Crayons - Pink Madder Lake, Violet

Studio Katia, June Crystals

Unsure about using Digital Stamps? See my post, Digital Stamps 101!


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2 comentarios

01 feb 2020

A gorgeous card Bonnie, the colouring is awesome. I love that you explaine in your video and post what a wash of watercolour is and how it is done. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty and have a wonderful weekend.

Me gusta

01 feb 2020

Wow!!!! This is so beautiful!!!!!! Love everything about it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Me gusta
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