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Hey! How About Getting Your Inks in Order with Picket Fence Studios’ Ink Swatching Stamp Set

Hello everyone! I like to keep everything organized. Sometimes I think I drive my family crazy but they do appreciate it when they ask me where something is! LOL! So how happy was I when Picket Fence Studios’ released Ink Swatching? VERY!!! The format for recording the key information about inks was carefully thought out AND there are hearts ♥️ ♥️♥️ for swatching which in my books is the icing on a fabulous cake!

So why ink swatch?

All ink pads include the colour of the ink on the labels. So what is the big deal about ink swatching? You really do have to stamp the ink to get an accurate reference of the colour. Before I stamp or blend, I want to know exactly what I am working with. I also like to use swatches to look at colour combinations. It is an opportunity to explore how colours can complement each other ... or not! Best to have the visual before committing it to a card!

I am swatching Simon Says Stamp’s PAWSITIVELY Saturated inks which are organized in colour families comprised of three tones; light, medium, dark. I wanted to swatch these inks by colour family rather than individually. This resulted in stamping the swatch form 20 times for the 60 ink colours.

I repeatedly stamped the form on Neenah Classic Crest 110 lb card stock with Picket Fence Studios’ Black Hybrid Ink . The swatch forms were cut down and a hole punched at the top. The strip of four hearts included in the Ink Swatching stamp set was used to stamp the inks on the back of each form. I used a stamping platform so a second stamping could be done if needed to get a smooth, solid impression. I stamped the second through fourth hearts on each form. Scrap card stock was used to simply mask off the hearts to expose just the one heart being inked. The form was completed by writing in the colour names in the same order that they were stamped on the back. After the ink brand was recorded, a simple check mark indicated the ink type and size. Concise, fast and easy!


If you have difficulty viewing this video, click HERE.


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