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Altenew’s Floral Radiance Layering Stencil Set

Hello friends! I love layering stencil sets and Altenew’s Floral Radiance is definitely a favourite! I adore this gorgeous floral background with the playful polka dots. These stencilled cards come together so quickly that it was a great opportunity to play with different colour combinations … quick and easy!

Floral Radiance Is a four piece stencil set. Altenew’s Fresh and Crisp Dye Inks were applied with the new Micro Blending Brush Set. This set of four brushes in two sizes is awesome allowing you to apply ink in tight areas without it spilling out where you don’t want it! I also used the newly released SlimGrip Sticky Mat. These are inexpensive and perfect for stencilling and stamping. The mats have a sticky surface on both sides so it not only holds the panel in place but provides a good grip to the StampWheel or work surface.

Stencil 1 creates the base layer of the flowers while Stencil 2 adds the details. Stencil 3 brings in the leaves and flower centres, and Stencil 4 completes the design with leaf details and polka dots. All of the cards were completed with die cut sentiments from Timeless Sentiments 2.

  • Stencil 1 - Sea Glass, Ocean Waves, Buttercream

  • Stencil 2 - Dusk Desert Night, Cotton Candy

  • Stencil 3 - Warm Sunshine, Frayed Leaf

  • Stencil 4 - Caramel Toffee, Forest Glades, Dusk

  • Stencil 1 - Buttercream, Rose quartz, Coral Berry

  • Stencil 2 - Warm Sunshine, Puffy Heart, Cosmic Berry

  • Stencil 3 - Warm Sunshine, Jade

  • Stencil 4 - Caramel Truffel, Eucalyptus, Cosmic Berry

  • Stencil 1 - Soft Lilac, Lavender Fields, Buttercream

  • Stencil 2 - Midnight Violet, Deep Iris, Warm Sunshine

  • Stencil 3 - Warm Sunshine, Caramel Toffee, Frayed Leaf

  • Stencil 4 - Caramel Toffee, Forest Glades


To view the tutorial, click HERE. You will be redirected to YouTube.


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